It all started when...

Elia Woods placed a cardboard loom for children in my hand. When I touched it, it felt familiar - like an old memory of something I had done before. It felt like the right thing to pursue.

When I first sat down to a harnessed loom, it reminded me of playing a Hammond organ with pedals in high school. The loom makes music of yarn and with each pass of the shuttle, a different note is played.

What is amazing about learning a new craft later in life is the realization that your life can be reinvented many times over.

I am grateful for the time given to me by my weaving teachers Elia Woods, Wanda Nobbe and currently Donna Hilton at the Guthrie Art Center. I have the pleasure of weaving with Wanda Nobbe today. Every time I am with Wanda and Donna, I learn something new.

I now have the pleasure of sharing these weaving skills with Dacia Alexander who is responsible for the Children's Hats. She is also responsible for creating this beautiful website.

Dana Morrow